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Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting Used to LIfe in Argentina

My companion Hermana Zubeldia and I eat lunch with members everyday and it´s always the same three things; chicken, bread and this awful potato mixture, it´s potatoes with carrots and peas and then SLATHERED in mayo. And yesterday we ate with the Relief Society President and her family and there wasn´t any potatoes just rice. Just plain rice and I was so excited then she pulls out a bag of mayo (yes bag...everything is in bags, even milk) and I´m wondering what in the world is that for.... we have chicken rice and bread....yupp definitely the sauce for the rice....we eat mayo multiple times every single day. 

Okay so this last week, Tuesday we had Zone and District meetings. They were super fun. We are practicing Christmas songs because I guess we are going to sing Christmas carols in the center of town all day on Christmas. We have like 20 elders, 3 of them are tenors 2 are basses and the rest are just horribly tone deaf...haha. For zone meeting we did an activity where we had to tie a tie around our eyes and teach a lesson alone, hardest thing I have ever done because the easiest way for me to understand is to watch their mouth, oh well. We also had a meeting with our Bishop and it went really well and at the end he told us ¨Go Home¨. All of the members have picked up little English phrases and I guess that is his, it was hilarious. 

Wednesday! We contacted in a new area that is literally in the boonies like a solid 5 miles away from everything else. We met an awesome family out there and I can´t wait to teach them more. They have a 7-year-old daughter. We had a FHE with a part member family and the mom made meatballs that were like solid grease. The food here is going to give me a heart attack I´m pretty sure. 

Thursday not a whole lot happened this day but we used a member’s bathroom because when we are out contacting all the stores were closed for the siesta, and this bathroom didn´t have a sink, the toilet seat was not attached and there wasn´t any light, definitely quite the experience, oh and the toilet didn´t flush.

Friday, I saw one of the members driving around on a Vespa. Everyone here drives them, but he´s 11.....what? There are no laws. Families use Vespas so like 5 people will be on one Vespa. I saw a lady holding a newborn baby in one arm and driving with the other, what? so scary. Oh and we rode the bus today because we thought it would save us time getting home we definitely waited for the bus that is supposed to come every 20 minutes for almost an hour! This place is crazy and great(:

Saturday We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Moira. She is doing so well. She came to church on Sunday she keeps asking about baptism but we need to get her and her husband married first. She is progressing super well and hopefully will be baptized on December 6th. She said she can´t wait to start the New Year off perfectly clean! How cool!!!! We also did service today, it was way fun. Oh and when we were walking to do the service there was a broken sewer pipe and to FIX it they were pumping it all over the street, ummm, yupp only in Argentina.  

We have two pretty solid investigators right now, Moira and Oscar. Oscar is like an 80 year old man with no teeth and 10 years ago he went to church for 1 year but never got baptized, so we have been working with him. He is quite interesting. I don´t know a whole lot about people because I don´t really understand what they say all the time, but I´m learning. The language is coming. I´m adjusting to life here, it´s so different but I really do love it. 

Thank you so much for all the love and support everybody. Please send me your address if you want me to write you, there is not enough time to e-mail on P-day.

Hermana Barker


The hermanas doing some service

Service day

Sewer repair in Argentina

It's not too hard to stay out of the pool

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