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Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Last Week in the MTC - Argentina Here I Come!

Things have been so so crazy this week!

We got a new district they are all so sweet!

So there are 7 missionaries in our travel group, 5 sisters and 2 elders. I will be in a trio while we fly, with Hermana Snyder and Hermana Ballard. Our mission president will pick us up at the airport in Buenos Aries, I think. I have no idea how long we are get to stay in Buenos's rumored that we get to go to the Temple before we head down to Bahia Blanca but that has not been confirmed. I have NO idea how we travel to Bahia Blanca either....

I have love love loved all my packages this week! Thank you so much mom and Mary for the cookies! They tasted amazing and my district loved them! I have so much candy it's unreal but I think with the two other Hermana’s we may be able to get it all on the flight(; 

We had an AWESOME TRC lesson! We got to Skype some members! They were from Columbia!!!! They were native Spanish speakers (obviously) but they understood us and said that we were doing a great job! I was understanding them super well and I was so excited and then one of them started to say something and the other was like "You have to say it slower the missionaries can't understand us when we talk fast." So that was a bummer but I guess the good news here is that I was understanding any of it!

I'm so excited to get to Argentina! 

Today I got a letter from Aaron it was quite the prank. I seriously thought I was getting reassigned for a little bit and I read some of it out loud to my district and were all freaking out that I had really been reassigned!  If anyone wants to read this funny prank letter contact Shela it’s a hoot.

Things are getting so real, like it almost feels like I might leave soon. I started working on packing today. It went really well, the packing cubes are seriously AMAZING! I'm pretty sure I will only have one bag over weight. It's so hard to pack right now though because we still have SOO much time here, we only get one hour of scheduled packing time on that should be interesting...hahaha can you believe that this time next week I will be in ARGENTINA!!!! AHHHH!!!

I love hearing about everyone back home! Happy Birthday Niki! I'm sad Laurel isn't really understanding that I'm not coming home soon! I got the pictures of the boys they are getting so big and Ethan is just too cool for words(; hahaha 

I love you all so much and am so thankful for your love prayers and support!!!

Hermana Barker


My Branch Presidents

My District

 Thanks for the cookies Mom and Mary Allen!

My District with Hermano and Hermana Nay 

Almost My Entire Zone

Nobody has a better "watch-game" than we do! 

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