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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Transfers, Transfers and More Transfers

Okay so everything I told you last week about what was supposed to happen this week didn´t happen.

So on Sunday Hermana Zubeldia left and I was in a trio with the Hermanas from Barrio 4. And I was supposed to be with them until Tuesday morning when I would switch and work with a sister in Toay and we would spend the week switching areas. Well Monday Hermana Williams got a call that she was going to be a trainer and her new companion (like new, new) was going to get here Tuesday and she needed to go pick her up in Bahia Blanca. We thought nothing of it. So I packed enough stuff for a week and Tuesday I was ready to go to Toay. Well then we realized Hermana Williams and I were both leaving, so who is going to be with Hermana Morgan? Yupp they changed everything. So I stayed to work with Hermana Morgan. But in her area, so I was in my same house but working in a different area. Then when Hermana Williams and her new comp returned we worked in my area...and then last night I got my new companion!!! Hermana Boyce. She is from....................Holliday UTAH! hahahaha. She finishes her mission in March.

 Farewell to my sweet companion, Hermana Zubeldia - she is off to Utah

This week was absolutely nuts. Working in a trio is almost impossible! You learn and practice everything in twos then you get another companion and it´s like a wall, but we worked around it as best as we could. 

The trio

I am super rushed for time today because we had a conference with our Mission President today for Christmas!!!! I hardly remember anything that happened this week because it was all so crazy but today was awesome, so I will just talk about today. Okay so it started at 8 am. We practiced all our hymns and then at 9:30 we left for the hospital and old folks home where we sang for them. It was so fun and they all loved it. The old people cried and the hospital was so strange because it was so loud when we got there but as soon as we started singing, everyone was dead silent. We sang Jingle Bells for them! Then we went back to the chapel and we had lunch, it was SOOO good!  

My yummy lunch

Then we had a talent show. It was super good and super funny. Then after we had a really cool really short lesson about how to be better missionaries. Really the best way to be a better person in general is to love more. Love everyone. I am trying really hard here to love everyone. Sometimes it really is so hard because not everything goes how we want it to, but as we try to become more like Christ we have to love more, because that is exactly what He did. He did everything with love. One thing that He said that I loved was... ¨la mision es como un filtro. las personas que pueden pasar, son las personas que pueden decir, Dios, por ti.¨ ¨If we can change our perspective and realize that we aren´t loving them because we have to, we are loving them because really that´s what God and Christ want us to do, no matter how impossible it may seem, it´s possible!”

That is my challenge for every single person reading my blog this week. Try to love more. Not just your family and your friends, but everyone!!!!

Thank you all so much for everything, for your love support and prayers. 

Hermana Barker


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