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Monday, December 1, 2014

Wild Horses

Hey Everybody!!

This place never ceases to surprise me. There is always something new. This last week we were walking along and then all of a sudden I see a horse right in front of us...then I look up and there were like 7 more. I´ve never seen a wild horse before and definitely not grazing in someone´s front yard!

Last Monday was awesome!! We were walking to a lesson and we stopped to talk to a member that just had surgery, and she was in a lot of pain and couldn´t sit down so she had been making bread all day long and she gave us some, it was so dang good! It reminded me of Grandma Eva bread, like that good. Then we shared a message with her, and from when we got there and when we left she was a totally different person. It was so cool to be able to help her. 

Then we went to our appointment with Oscar (He is getting Baptized on December 6th!!!) We were going to teach him the Plan of Salvation but he had friends over and they kept asking unrelated questions so we decided to focus on his friends more than him (he was fine with that) and one of them pulled out cigarettes and we got super nervous because he´s trying to stop smoking and she offered him one and he said NO! and that he doesn´t smoke anymore! Super cool. And then they started getting kind of argumentative with us and Oscar steps in and just bears this awesome testimony to his friends that he knows this Church is was the coolest thing ever!! I can´t wait for Saturday! 

Most of our stake was at the Temple this week, they make a trip for like 4 days every 3 or 4 months so all of our regular lunch appointments cancelled but we had investigators offer to feed us and of course we said yes! First we ate with Moira. She taught us how to make ñoqui! I can even roll the little dumpling things. It was super yummy and way fun to learn. 

The next day we had lunch with the lady that had surgery, Hermana Falcon. Since she couldn´t sit she couldn´t really go on an 8 hour bus ride and do 4 days of temple sessions so she stayed home and her husband went, so she was super happy to have some company! She taught us how to make these really yummy ravioli/empanada things! 

Then later we went to a recent converts house, Nieves, she´s like 80 years old and the cutest thing in the whole world. She wanted to make us popcorn and she pulls out this massive pan and puts like two little old lady sized hand fulls in of popcorn then she put the lid on and started tapping it with her finger and she was saying ¨gotta wake them up! ¨ so so funny! The popcorn was super yummy, they don´t put salt on it here though they put sugar on it which I don´t mind, it´s still good, and I just love popcorn! 

There are so many funny things that happen here. We were walking down the street and we always try to have a little candy with us because kids love it and this little boy saw us and started yelling at us to come back, so we went back and then he asked us what we are selling and if he could buy some of my candy. I gave him a couple pieces and he had the biggest grin on his face. I love all the kids here (The two girls in the picture with me are the Granddaughters of one of the members we eat with).

Next funny thing that happened we went out contacting with a member and he has a parrot and as we were leaving his parrot said ¨Chaio gordito¨ i.e. bye little fatty. I cried cause I was laughing so hard! 

Saturday we had lunch with Oscar. I don´t even know what we ate but it was DELICIOUS!!!! Hermana Zubeldia says they are Cannelloni! They were home made and super yummy. Then he had a cake for us and pancakes with Dolce de Leche! I was painfully full when we left. 

This week I went to my first baptism! The Elders had two investigators getting baptized. It was so so cool to see! I can´t wait for next week for Oscar´s baptism. He is super excited! He went to church for a whole year like 10 years ago and then stopped going and he´s now gone twice and he´s just the sweetest thing. He´s a little rough around the edges when he´s at home but when he comes to church he dresses up (which is rare, lots of people just wear jeans or even sweats to church) and he even showers!! haha 

I´m loving it here in Argentina! Thank you everyone for your love, support and prayers! 

Hermana Barker


 My roomies

Hermana Zubledia and me out contacting

 Riding the bus in Santa Rosa

Some of my new friends in Argentina

 Yep more missionary training 

The streets of Santa Rosa

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