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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Listening to the Holy Ghost

This week was super weird...haha. I spent a lot of time in the house with Hermana Silvestre because she has some problems with her foot and so we switched off all week who stayed in the house with her and such but it was interesting. A few times we went to the church and I got to practice the piano...(I´m still so sad I quit when I was and were right) Anyway I can kind of play Sisters in Zion and Onward Christian Soldiers. 

Hermana Greene and I had a week full of fun and missionary work! I was so happy! We have a member who is 20 and LOVES helping out missionaries so ALL day on Friday Michelle accompanied us. Wow what a powerful day! We found so many new investigators. Something way cool happened. We were coming up on a street and I felt like we had to turn right but I didn´t say anything and they turned left we got like half way down the block and Michelle said she wanted to turn around! (YES! Thank you for making up for me being dumb). Her and Hermana Greene were trying to prove they could walk faster than me even though they have tiny little legs so they were like running in front of me and I just felt like I needed to stop. So this time I listened and stopped at the house on my left side. Two little boys walked out. 

They were so interested! They have Mormon friends but told us they could never explain it very well so they were super confused and wanted their questions answered...Gotcha! They couldn´t come to church this Sunday but they said they will come next week! Yay. 

Sunday one of our contacts showed up to the church. It was a really drunk guy who contacted us and we ended up just giving him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and almost running away, but he came. We´ll see where that goes. You really never realize how useful WoW pamphlets are! 

Thank you for all your love support and prayers! 


Hermana Barker


I found my Soul Sister! Hermanita Winn! 

Santiago! He is in the other ward but when we did divisions we all ended up passing by him at some point so we all got to go to his baptism! His little brother is going to get baptized next week! 

I have ate more potatoes these last 6 months than I have my whole life #missionarybudget 

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