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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Amazing First Experiences at the MTC.

So I made it to my first P - Day!!! But that is not where I'm going to start so lets back up to Wednesday! After you guys all dropped me off, it was all a blur, all I can really remember was walking into a giant maze. Main campus is crazy huge! They aren't kidding about getting you right into things. I don't think that I was here for an hour before I we were all in the classroom!  got all my books and everything and then they put me on a bus. I guess they have all Spanish speaking missionaries staying on West campus, it's really nice and roomie.

My first companion is Hermana Gibson, she is from Oregon and going to Tampa Florida, Spanish speaking of course. We are the smallest district in our branch with only 8 missionaries. 4 Hermanas and 4 Elders.

After all the craziness of meeting everyone and the first class we had dinner and went to our first activity. All the new missionaries from W. Campus (like 50ish) of us sat down in a big class room and got to teach 3 "Investigators". All at different times, but it was really cool to see how it kind of works and get a feel for everything day one. What a surprise that was. 

Thursday things picked up even more. I'm not kidding, they want us to have everything read and memorized week 1. We had to memorize the missionary purpose by Sunday, as well as read the Missionary Handbook by then and our branch president has challenged us to start and finish the Book of Mormon while we are in the MTC. We also learned how to pray in Spanish....well Spanglish. Since we don't know all the words we need to  we have to try our best but what we don't know in Spanish we can pray for in English. But it's not just prayers. We are expected to talk in our new language as much as we can so it's literally 100% Spanglish all the time on W. Campus. Oh I have rad blisters from my shoes already but I found out that they specifically make band-aids for blisters, they are AMAZING and work SOOO well. If you ever get a blister I highly recommend them but more than that I highly recommend not getting blisters. 

Day 3. We got to teach today. Like a real lesson. In Spanish to an investigator that doesn't speak It actually went semi okay. I've come to find out that when I'm tired I laugh. All the time, so I have been laughing a lot. 

We taught our investigator again on Saturday. It's so nerve racking trying to teach someone the gospel that sometimes is hard to explain in English...and we get to do it in English. We also found out that our "Investigator" is just pretending and she's going to be our teacher later on down the that kind of took some pressure off, but not much. Our current teacher is a return missionary from Idaho and he actually served in the same mission that Dylan Cox is in but he spoke Spanish but he said he knew who I was talking about. Our teacher ONLY talks to us in Spanish. 

Sunday was amazing! Relief Society gets to watch Music and the Spoken Word it reminded me so much of you mom, and when we would go, but it is so different to watch it on TV vs live. Every Sunday there is a devotional and it was really cool but after we get to pick from 4 films to watch and we watched one from a talk given by Elder Bednar to the missionaries a few years ago and it was so inspiring! I loved every second of it! 

Today has been interesting. P - Day. You think we get to relax sort of thing...nope we got up at 5 so that we could do our laundry before it got crazy crowded so P - Day has actually been significantly different that what I was expecting!!!

Oh I love getting Dear Elder letters (hint hint) but really it's so nice to hear how things are going. I can only write letters and e-mails on P - Days.

I love you all!!!!


-Hermana Barker

I have my name badge

My first companion - Hermana Gibson

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