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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The MTC is so Different Than I Expected

We heard about the Utah game and the BYU's really funny, before my mission the temple was the only way to ever really escape the world and being on a mission (especially in the MTC) we are completely secluded from the world but when we go to the temple is the only time we are exposed to the world...haha so we found out about the games at the temple from a family that was just walking by. 

Okay so our P-Day changed because we moved to main campus, and got all new my P-Day will be on Wednesdays from now on.....I hope, I don't think they will make us change it again.

Main campus is so much different than West! It's huge and everything is always busy! I like it though because I'm a total people person! I've seen quite a few people that I know here. 

General Conference was amazing! We watched all the sessions and General Women's meeting. I liked every single talk that was given! Watching GW made me miss you a lot, mom. But not in a bad way. And there was a part when these adorable Korean children sang "I like to see the temple" I cried because it was so cute!!! I absolutely loved being at the MTC for General Conference because it wasn't just the 2 hour blocks that were so spiritually condensed it was literally the whole weekend after a session we would talk as a district about our favorite things and what we learned, I love seeing through other people's eyes because I there is always more for us to learn! 

So we have 3 investigators now. Raquel, who we taught last week so I might have already talked about her, she is so great and so so receptive of everything we teach her, her mom is a member so she has been exposed to the church for a few years and she just gets it, it's awesome. Then there is Jonatan (his name was spelled wrong on his birth certificate when he immigrated so he just rolled with it) He is a little less receptive. He's very reserved and it's hard to get him to open up, but we have only taught him once...Then there is Olga...she's challenging. She doesn't believe in God and thinks that she has to completely believe in God before she can pray to him which is so totally false...but she wants us to break everything down to the smallest possible fragments we can, it's hard because the things that seem so simple and basic....really aren't, so I totally understand where she is coming from! And tonight we will get one more, Jose. We don't know a lot about him yet other than he is an illegal immigrant but fun fact, that doesn't matter at all. We are completely allowed to pursue teaching and even baptize illegal immigrants! (It just proves that the gospel really is for everyone) 

The MTC is so different that what I expected. But my favorite part about being here has got to be gym time. There are so many different things to do and one of them is Volleyball...I'm in love. I miss playing so much, but I get to for a few more weeks and there are a lot of people here that are way good, so it's super fun to play. 

I love my district! We're really starting to get close and to the other district in our zone. (There are only two districts right now because 2 left on monday and we don't get a new one until this afternoon, and we're only getting one. so we will be even smaller than we were before)

Everything is going so well, and I'm learning so much. Thank you everyone so much for your love and support! I love love love getting letters and dearelders (hint hint) I promise I will write back if you write me! P-Days get a little crazy, so e-mailing is kind of hard. 

I love you all.

Hermana Barker


Nine hours a day to study 

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