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Monday, April 13, 2015

I Will Never Get Used to Argentina!

Well last P-day we went to Bamboo it´s like a really nice place to eat here and they had squid so I just went out on a limb and tried was not that good. Another thing to add to the list of ¨not ever going to recommend to anyone¨.

This week we found a freaking MIRACLE. Her name is Moria! We were walking in centro on miércoles and she stopped us and was like you are Mormons right? Yeah! What time does your church start here? ...what? She then informed us that she had already looked online and that it said it started at 10 but she thought that was weird so she was going to come at 9 anyway...THERE IS NO WAY SHES NOT A MEMBER, right? Nope turns out she had been investigating in Mar del Plata and she moved here last week. She has been to church there and she came on Sunday! WHAT? She told us she is ready to be baptized. We have an appointment with her tomorrow so we are hoping to put her date for this weekend before transfers...but we´ll see it is a little fast but she is AWESOME!

We finally made it to the beach!
Today we went to a little tiny town like an hour from Punta Alta to go to the beach (it was covered in turtle eggs!)...yeah the bus picked us up late so that is why I am e-mailing so late and why I am completely out of time...because I never really had any in the first place. Anyway... 

The pictures are from the beach and from when we climbed on the roof to watch the sunset.

Hermana Barker


The Elders

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