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Monday, April 6, 2015


This week was so AWESOME!

First off! SOFIA FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED! Friday! It wasn´t easy...Last weekend the other ward had a baptism and they didn´t drain the they just shut all the doors and called it good...nope. It turned into like a NASTY fish tank. It smelled SOOO bad and it was FULL of nasty water. So Thursday night we drain it all and come to find out, the drains here aren´t just drains they are like suction things so if it stops sucking out water it stops working so we had like 2 inches of water left in the font and we had to drain it by hand...with we would put towels in the water then wring them out in buckets.

Friday, we needed to CLEAN the font! Yayy...and so we got to drain it by hand again after cleaning it like 4 times...and then! WE LOST WATER in the font...a sink in the kitchen and 2 faucets outside still worked but nothing we spent 5 hours filling the font. With huge pots of boiling water and lots of buckets...haha, it was quite the adventure. Another one of those #onlyinArgentina moments. The elders helped us a ton. They came over and brought us lunch and helped us all afternoon fill the font.

Her baptism was amazing! Everything went perfectly. I was so happy to see her whole family at church even her dad came! Hermana Greene and I sang Cuando me bautize (When I am Baptized). We sang one verse in English because Sofia asked us too and then after her grandpa told us we have to be angles to sing that pretty and then another lady told us we can´t speak Spanish very well because she couldn´t understand one of the verses...i.e. the verse in English...Great.

I hope that EVERYONE had the opportunity to watch conference. I think I have to admit this is the first time I ever got ready conference weekend (other than the few times I actually WENT to the Conference Center...) haha. Another struggle...We still don´t have power in the chapel, so we didn´t have we couldn´t watch it in the church. So none of our investigators got to watch it with us. I think one watched it alone but we´ll see! Haha. Anyway we went to a recent converts house and watched it with her and the Elders because no one was in town. It was super fun, but sitting for that long killed my back and my DL wouldn´t let me go out and work after (keep in mind that conference ends here at like 7:00 because of the time change and we had to wait for the translation so we didn´t really finish until 7:30...So we had to go home and rest. Anyway we got a little bored and had some fun with tape!

They talked a ton about families and getting married and at first I was just in the world is this supposed to help me I´m on a freaking mission. Then today I was studying and I realized, it wasn´t for me. It was to remind me what I can do FOR my investigators. Elder L Tom Perry talked about how many world and religious leaders are coming to realize the importance of the family and that is so great (A Muslim quoted 2 paragraphs of our Family Proclamation to The World in a huge meeting in the Vatican). But the gospel of Jesus Christ is the one and only place where we can have our families for eternity.

Anyway I hope that everyone that had the chance to watch conference did and loved it and for those of you who were too busy, IT´S ALL ONLINE NOW! I highly suggest EVERYONE watch it.

I love all of you! Each and every one. I thank you for your love support and prayers.

Hermana Barker


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