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Monday, April 20, 2015

MILAGROS - Miracles

Well remember how last week I told you that we found Moira. Well. She is GENIAL! (Like way cool) She had been investigating the Church for a while before she moved here and she was so ready. We taught her almost everyday last week and well...


The coolest lesson last week was on Tuesday. We just wanted to get to know her and figure out where she was in her investigation and her faith. So we just asked if she had any questions...she did, about the Word of Wisdom, crap…haha. No, but it was so cool. She wasn´t like an alcoholic or anything but she wanted to know why it isn´t okay to go to a bar every now and then with friends and drink a beer. We really just taught her the doctrine behind this commandment and she was teary by the end. She bore us her testimony and told us that she knew it was true. So we invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!!! (After teaching the Word of Wisdom...what?) 

Then we talked for a little while longer and we found out some pretty cool stuff. Ready? 

When she moved from Mar del Plata she was praying to know if the Church was true and if what the Elders had been teaching her was really something she should change her life for. She prayed twice a day for like a week.

Any way the day we found her we were walking in Centro. (We don´t work a ton in Centro because everyone is always in a HUGE hurry) But I felt like we needed to go get our money for rent, but our money wasn´t supposed to be there until the following Monday, but I just felt SO strong that we needed to go look for our rent. Well…we went. No money in our accounts...We were kind of bummed we walked so far for ¨nothing¨ and as we were walking to lunch...We found Moira. 

Well our side isn´t the only cool part. Turns out Moira was walking to a store and she was already on the side of the street the store was on and she was only like a few blocks from it but she didn´t like that the sun was in her eyes...and she felt like she needed to cross the block after she crossed the street...she found us. 

Tuesday she told us that it was the second we found her that she knew the Church was true because she had never seen a sister missionary before she lived in a really dangerous area in Mar del Plata where there are only Elders in the WHOLE ZONE. She had never even seen a sister missionary before and she felt like she needed to ask us what time church starts. It was super funny because she wasn´t even sure if we were Mormon...

Anyway - This week I got to learn and experience how fun and how satisfying it is to be a servant in the Lord´s hands. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what is going to happen and we need to listen to the still small voice every chance we get to follow his directions. 

I am so happy and so blessed to be a missionary in Punta Alta Argentina and Hermana Greene and I have another 6 weeks to work together here! (i.e...transfers - nothing changed).

Hermana Silvester Made a Super Yummy Potato Tortilla
Thanks for all your love support and prayers! They are deeply appreciated! 

Hermana Barker


Hermana Baraker Inspecting Her Dinner - Squid

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