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Monday, January 12, 2015

A Week of Miracles

Well the first miracle is that I am still alive, it is SO hot here!!! The worst part is how humid it is. The people here describe the heat as ¨pasado¨...that means heavy. Please just imagine for a moment what heavy heat feels like...then add dirt and sweat add no shade to that and that about explains how it feels here. It´s so easy to see the Lord´s hand in the work sometimes because walking as much as we do in the weather that we do would be physically impossible! Oh and don´t forget that air conditioning does not exist here. I think like 3 people have it but it´s not like it´s hot outside then we go in someone’s home and it´s cooler, sometimes the houses are actually hotter than outside...hahaha, but I love it. 

Okay so the best miracle of all
ROSA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have to tell you the story because we definitely thought she was getting baptized on Tuesday...So we went to her house on Friday to see how she was doing and help her with anything if she had any last minute questions and there was a relief society dinner. So we get there and she didn´t feel very good and she was doing the dishes and she never lets us help with the dishes and normally when she doesn´t feel good she doesn´t even want to talk very long. Well I asked anyway if I could help and she said yes!! So I got her to sit down and then Tomas (her son) Hugs her and says ¨I´m so proud of you for getting baptized tomorrow...¨ WHAT?! And we asked her and she was like yeah you guys asked me if I wanted to do it earlier and I said yes (for the record she NEVER said yes she said Tuesday worked better, so we just went with it because getting baptized on a Saturday is still getting baptized). Any way she thinks that we changed the date so she is ready to get baptized the NEXT day, but she hadn´t had her interview yet and no one in the ward knew of the change. So I´m doing the dishes, Hermana Boyce is outside calling EVERYONE trying to get someone to come do her interview and make sure we can use the baptismal font because it has been broken for like 3 weeks...and her 11 year old son who was the first in their family to be baptized and who is preparing for his mission helped us out. He went through and was asking her the interview questions because you never want people to be surprised by what they ask...and there were a few that she didn´t really understand so I´m in there alone with my broken Spanish trying to teach her while I´m doing her dishes...haha IT WAS AWESOME! This was a big help for me because I felt like for the first time my Spanish didn´t need a kickstand and training wheels! Anyway, needless to say, she got baptized!!!! It was so cute when her son Tomas saw her in her baptismal clothes he started crying. It was the perfect baptism! 

Our next miracle is Rofino!!! He is a man who stopped us in the street and asked us to pass by his house. It´s rare that people let us talk to them through their gate let alone stop us in the street and invite us over. Okay! So we go we had a great lesson and we placed a baptism date for the 31st. Then he mentions that he already has 3 asistencias! WHAT!? So we moved his date up and now he has a date for this Sunday. We taught him the word of wisdom first thing because we saw he had a box of wine in his front yard and he accepted it with out a problem! AHHH!!! The field really is ready to harvest! 

Everyday I find new things about Argentina...yesterday was that ants like ALL the same foods as I do...and they like our house...last night when we came home there were like 1 million ants in our house I don´t really think I´m exaggerating that very much either! They were EVERYWHERE and in all of my food...): Maybe they are trying to help me stop eating so dang much.

I hope that everyone loved their holidays! It definitely has been quite the experience to feel like I´m the one being cooked for Christmas, not the turkey, but hey, I´m in Argentina, doing the Lord´s it really isn´t that bad! Hahaha. 

For everyone who is e-mailing and writing, I promise I am trying to write back! I love you all!!!!


Hermana Barker 


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