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Monday, January 26, 2015

Estoy en Altantida!

It´s really almost as cool as Atlantis here(; haha no I don´t know anything about my area yet other than one of Elder Holt and Elder Beardall´s friends´ is my zone leader!!! HOW WEIRD! 

Okay so this last week was alright, I really don´t think I have ever been so hot in my entire life...It was SO hot and SO humid every single day and it´s not like it´s any better inside...honestly the best word I can think to use to describe how I feel ALL the time is damp...yuck. 

I don´t have my agenda with me from this last week so I don´t remember the small things that happened but I will touch on some of the big ones! 

Okay so remember Rofino...The MIRACLE that we found? Yeah - he didn´t show up to his baptism...)´: We had his date for Saturday and we talked to him Friday night and he was so excited and then... nothing. He didn´t come, didn´t call us to tell us he wasn´t really was so no baptism this week...)´: They will keep trying to work with him and hopefully he gets baptized soon!!!! 

WE FOUND A PLACE THAT SELLS TACOS!!!!!!!! Oh my heavens! It was amazing. I didn´t think I would have Mexican food for a year and a half but Argentina is a little more well rounded than I thought! But there is more than just that. So we got there and ordered our food and were planning for the next day and we could see in the windows some of the biggest lightening I have ever seen in my entire life. But we couldn´t see any rain and we couldn´t hear any thunder. So obviously when we get our food like 30 seconds after there is a HUGE crack of thunder...HUGE. Okay we walk out the doors and in like 5 seconds we were SOAKED...and we were like 2 blocks from our house so we were running just to get out of it because it literally hurt my body because the wind was so strong and the rain was so big...ahhh it was awful. But we made it home safe, and then our street flooded...not like a little water in some places...the whole thing was a river!!! Obviously there are photos of all of that...


Running in the Rain

But the biggest news of this week TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!! Yupp I got transferred, I´m happy and sad. But I know it´s where the Lord needs me so I´m okay! I´m in a little pueblo outside of Bahía Blanca, se llama, Punta Alta and I´m serving in the ward Atlantida! How cute is that!? I already said that my zone leader is from my high school, I can´t remember his last name´s a hard one his family is from Finland...anyway, it was way cool because I knew there was someone here from Murray, but I had NO IDEA where hahaha, I found him. 

 I Will Miss My Santa Rosa La Pampa Family

Oh and of course since I was was a fun experience. So we boarded the bus at Santa Rosa and it´s like a 3 - 3.5 hour we didn´t get to Bahía Blanca until 5 do that math...yupp our bus broke down. In the middle of friggen nowhere. Not just like wouldn´t move...wouldn´t run so we didn´t even have air conditioning...It was rough. But we finally get on the road again and we get to Bahía at like 5ish... and I´m just so excited to go home and crash on my bed because 2 hours of sleep for a missionary is like death...nope. They won´t let us use taxi´s because our area is kind of far and the Elder´s in Bahía Blanca that have a car weren´t answering their phone so we waited until 6:30 to call a member in a ward near the terminal...and he didn´t come until 7:45. We finally got to Punta Alta at like was supposed to be like a 5 hour travel plan...nada mas.... 

Oh well. It´s all good, I´m here and I can´t wait to sleep during the siesta! haha! I don´t know anything about my area yet since I just got here but our house is tiny....I knew my old house was too companions name is Hermana Marple, she is from California! hahaha 

I love this work. I love Argentina and I love every one of you guys! 

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers, they are felt and needed! 

Hermana Barker 



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