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Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday After Holiday After Holiday

So this morning we were trying to buy a few things and get some stuff done but a ton of the stores are still closed...don´t worry, there is ANOTHER holiday´s this week I don´t know when but yeah so pretty much all of December and the first 2 weeks of January are holidays. Something interesting is when there is a holiday on like a Tuesday the whole week is a holiday...the whole week...for one day.... People in Argentina do not like to work.

This week just like all the rest had it´s ups and downs, we thought we found a ton of new investigators because our district leaders came to our area for a day to help us...well most the people we found either don´t live in our area because they are on vacation or they are leaving this week and when people go on vacation here its for like 2 months.

But we are still looking for the miracles! And we found one! I´ve mentioned Rosa a TON on my mission but she wasn´t every really progressing very much but this week was awesome for her! She asked if she could get baptized on January 13th. Of course we said yes then later we realized that´s a Tuesday...normally don’t do baptisms on Tuesdays but we asked our bishop anyway but there is a stake activity that day in our building and he said no, but then a member was like ´we could do it in my pool´ YES! we got it approved by our zone leaders and everything! So after almost a year of Rosa being an investigator, with two of her kids and two of her grandchildren getting baptized she is getting baptized on the 13th! EVERYBODY please help her out and keep her in your prayers! 

Also we had a really awesome lesson with Moira. We haven’t been passing by her a ton because she still doesn´t have a date to get married but we are still passing by. But our lesson with her was so spiritual and she all but said that this is the true Church and she can´t wait to be baptized! Now we just need to get her married! 

Really this week has been pretty amazing. For Rosa to have a date is more than we ever could have asked for. I´m loving my mission and i knew that it would come with it´s trials. Everything here is great! Hermana Boyce and i are working better together, I think we are exactly the same person but at the same time completely different so we have butted heads a few times, but really there is a reason we are together. She is an awesome missionary and she knows her purpose here. It’s weird having this transfer of only five weeks because it´s feels so short. its already half way over. 

Time is flying here, I don´t know how it is in Utah, maybe it´s that my blood is melting in my veins and can just move faster I don´t know but really I can´t believe that its already Monday again and that its 2015!!!!!   

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Years and I send my love to you all!

Hermana Barker 


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