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Monday, January 19, 2015

It is a Miracle I am Not Sunburned!

This week we had so much hope and were working super, super hard with Rofino, and he is progressing really well and was supposed to be baptized yesterday, but obviously with that, he wasn´t. He got called in to work on Thursday and they needed him in another pueblo...and he couldn´t make it to church and we didn´t feel comfortable baptizing him if he didn´t come to church that day, but we placed a new date for this Saturday, so keep him in your prayers that he can be baptized on that day. 

We also found an awesome family…and THEY ARE MARRIED!!!! IT´S A MIRACLE IN ITSELF! The dad´s name is José Maria and the mom´s name is Maria José...what? They are ¨super catholic¨ but never go to church...but we taught them the restoration and they really listened and they had tons of questions! They couldn´t come to church though because they were going out of town for a birthday party or something like that. That was a bummer, but they said that they would come to church this coming week. 

Really Sunday was super hard for us because we had a ton of people comprometido a la iglesia (committed to come to church) but NONE of them came...We have another family that we found this week...they aren´t married, but the mom, Vanessa has two kids with another guy and now she is pregnant with Kevin´s kid, so yeah, that´s like super typical for Argentina. But Kevin is an alcoholic and he has had problems with abuse in the past so he´s a little rough around the edges, but he has such a desire to change. The first time we met him he told us all of this in the street, and that he wants to change before the baby is born! (You have come to the right place my friend) We tried to teach him during the week but he wasn´t home. Then we passed by before church on Sunday and he said they were getting ready and would be there soon...well a solid hour of waiting later...they never came...sad. 

We had quite the interesting week in our house there was a lot of sickness going around and we had to keep doing divisions with the other hermanas so we could all see all of our investigators but it was alright, not insanely productive but the work needs to be done. It was super cool, I got to spend a few hours with Hermana Williams, she is one of my companions after Hermana Zubeldia left. But anyway when I was companions with her, she and I contacted this house in the area and some guy answered the door and he was interested but nothing too special, but guess what!? HE IS A PROGRESSING INVESTIGATOR!! He is talking with them like four times a week and I guess he has been to church twice now!!! Yay!!! 

I love seeing the fruits of contacting. Especially right now when most the time we are contacting it´s just super hot and everyone is sleeping so when we finally find someone, it´s awesome when they start to progress!! 

Oh I forgot to tell you guys, but last week we had divisions with our Sister Training Leaders! It was awesome! I worked with Hermana Montelegre who is from Columbia for an entire day. I had a whole day with zero English! AHHH! How scary! But how fun! I learned so much just from the short time we were together, I was super nervous going in, but it was awesome! She already worked in Barrio 2 so she knew tons! 

Today we had interviews with our Mission President! He is awesome! And his wife is the cutest thing in the whole world; I attached a picture of that! hahaha I love when we get the chance to see and to talk to them. They come once a transfer to every single area in the mission, I don´t know if that is normal for all the missions but I love it. To have such close contact with your leaders is such a blessing, especially when your leaders are the best! 

Funny story of the week. I was making breakfast one day and I see this huge thing in the´s a spider, a HUGE spider. So I ran and got the Raid to try to kill it...Raid did NOTHING...I sprayed it like 20 times. Nothing. Then my companion was like we should just catch it on fire...hahaha we used aerosol hairspray and a lighter and lit it on fire. 

The spider

This week was a little random and quite different than the rest but I´m still a missionary preaching the same gospel and I love every minute of it. I love sharing this message of happiness with everyone here in Santa Rosa it really is the best! 

Hermana Barker


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