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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Work is Slow

Well last Tuesday we had conferencia with the Mission Presidente. It was really cool.  Wow, he is such a powerful guy. The craziest part is that it is all in Spanish, 100%.  It´s a miracle that I can understand anything he says...haha. He talked a lot about urgency. Really I never realized how powerful of a word it really is. Elder Ballard in a talk in 2013 October conference talked about urgency too. He said ¨there exists urgency in each and every one of us to participate in missionary work¨ before my mission I had no idea what that even meant. How can we as members help the missionaries? If you have the same question please find the missionaries in your ward and ask them specifically, how can I help you? I have been learning that the work is significantly different in different parts of the world, but one thing that is the same in every country is that missionary work isn´t just for missionaries. It is for members and missionaries to work together, the missionaries are called to help members. The urgency exists in every country, in every mission, in every stake ward branch or district. 

Then on Wednesday our second counselor asked me if I could talk in sacrament meeting about exactly that, urgency of the work. And how to get the members involved. I will be the first one to admit that before my mission I had no idea how to share the gospel with anyone let alone people I don´t even know very well, but I can promise you that you can do it. 

Okay enough of that rant...haha the work here is still moving relatively slow. Sofía is out of town so we didn´t see her at all this week, that was kind of sad. We found one new investigator. She is 10 years old too, really, exactly like Sofía. Her mom has been a member for a really long time...but...inactive. So we have another family to work with and to help them realize the importance of the gospel.

Realmente. Yo sé que este iglesia es la única iglesia en todo el mundo que Dios esta dirigiendo. Dios quiere por cada uno de sus hijos a encontrar este evangelio que cada uno puede recibir los bendiciones. 

Por las personas que están leyendo esto y no pueden entender, por favor traducirlo. (Translate this if you can´t understand)

¡Tratalo! Encontrar los felicidades eterna. Yo sé que existe. Si piense que ya esta feliz, yo puedo prometer que puede encontrar mas con la ayuda y amor de Dios. 

Le amo cada uno de ustedes. Gracias por su apoyo amor y oraciones. 

Really. I know this Church is the only Church in the world that God is directing. God wants for each of your children to find this gospel so that everyone can receive the blessings.

Try it! Find the eternal happiness. I know it exists. If you think you are already happy, I can promise, you can find more with the help and love of God.

I love every one of you. Thanks for your support love and prayers.

Hermana Barker



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