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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Americans are Like Aliens

Pucha! Today has been a freaking CRAZY day! We have spent all morning trying to find a bank with money...ha we had to travel to a different city to pull out right now we are in Bahia!! haha and we´re going to go to lunch really soon at a buffet but for Argentina food...hahaha YES! 

I´m not going to send pictures this week either just because we aren´t in a super safe c-berg and I don´t want some one to rob my camera or anything...hahaha but don´t worry, I´m safe, just not all of my belongings are...Argentina is so weird. 

Okay so Punta Alta! It´s completely different than Santa Rosa. The work here is like...dead. When I got here we had one investigator but we ended up dropping her because she refuses to pray...this week we found 3 new investigators though!!! They are all pretty dang here we go. 

Lydia, she is like 50ish years old and we found her because her 3 year old daughter was running around in the street and the kids here always come up to us when they see us, Americans are like aliens. So we started talking to her mom and she is great! She got baptized a few years ago in an Evangelical church but now the pastor that baptized her is like in jail or something so she is worried that her baptism isn´t vaild anymore...She accepted a fecha (date) but it fell through because she was out of town this weekend, but she called us on Sunday morning telling us how excited she was to come next week! 

Next, Gustavo. He is an ancient investigator that we felt like we should go talk to. He still hasn´t accepted a fecha but he is keeping all his compromisos except going to church, but he was out of town too...(it´s the last week of vacation for lots of people here) He is praying and reading the BoM AND praying in lessons...that hardly ever happens week 1 in Argentina! 

Third. SOFIA!!! AHHH!!! I love her so much already. She is 10 years old, her dad has been a member his whole life, her mom was baptized 6 years ago and her older sister 5 years ago but then the family became  inactive...we haven´t figured out why yet...I think the dad likes to drink...pucha. But! She´s absolutely adorable. Her dad won´t let us put a fecha because he doesn´t want her to feel pressured or like a number in our statistics...which I understand so we are going to work really hard with her this week and she already has all her asistencias so she can get baptized when ever she feels ready. More than just baptizing her we really want to reactivate this family. They have one more daughter that is 3 years old! They are going to get sealed, I just know it!

So those are our investigators! Now more about the area; the city of Punta Alta is like 50% military because there is a HUGE military base on the coast. So like everyone Navy lives in Punta Alta and if they aren´t Navy they probably do something on the civil side of things, haha. It´s been interesting. Also our house is TINY! I´m going to send photos I lied you need to see it. We have a kitchen a living room and one bedroom. Me and my companion sleep in the living room and study in there too and the other hermanas sleep and study in the other room. We have a tiny bathroom but the toilet flushes so that´s good. Oh and our washing machine is outside...hahaha like outside our back door...hahaha only in Argentina. 

Thank you everyone for everything! 

Hermana Barker 


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