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Monday, February 23, 2015

Zone Divisions!!!

Well to say the least this week was very interesting…haha. Monday night we get a call saying that every companionship in our zone is going to do divisions Tuesday – Friday. There are like 20 companionships in our zone. It was nuts. I was put in the ward with the assistants to the President of the Mission, woah! My companion was Hermana Diaz we got to the mission the same transfer and she is from Chile! She was so much fun. I lived in a house with 5 other Hermanas. There were only two rubias (blondes), I think my Spanish progressed a lot this week.

The last morning I made cinnamon rolls with the Villa Mitre familia, it was so much fun. They were delicious! Who would have thought that I would learn how to make cinnamon rolls in Argentina…hahaah

Well I am back in Punta Alta now...SofĂ­a and her family are back from their vacation...and she came to church yesterday and GUESS WHAT!? Her sister came with her AND their dad is the one that dropped them off! AHHH! She still doesn´t have a date to be baptized yet because we haven´t had time to talk to her dad, but she told us yesterday that she can´t wait to get baptized. How cool is that? I am determined to reactivate this whole family. 

I really love it here. We are super close to the ocean but I still haven´t seen it yet…what a bummer huh? BUT to answer your question mom, I CAN SEE THE STARS HERE!!! In Santa Rosa I don´t think I could...but honestly I never really checked...hahaha. I will look for the Southern Cross constalation.

We are working so hard right now to find new´s been a long 4 weeks of doors in our face but we have found quite a few less active familias that we are trying to help come back to church. 

Argentina is just as crazy as ever nothing too interesting to report though.

I love you all, thank you for your love prayers and support. 

Hermana Barker 


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