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Monday, February 9, 2015


Try having a list of like 20 things to do on the computer (all mission approved of course) and only having an hour to do them...hahahahaha

Anyway, this week was good. Nice and warm. Lots of rain, but only at night thank heavens. 

Okay so we had a Noche de Hogar this week we watched 17 miracles and ate popcorn, a ton of popcorn. Thank you mom and dad for teaching me how to make it haha. We also found a burrito stand! Nothing like Cafe Rio but nonetheless...burritos! Oh and the picture of me and the girl with pink hair, she is less active but has such a strong testimony we are working a lot with her right now and she came to the activity!!!! AHHH!! Oh and she loved my CTR ring and since it hasn´t been robbed from me yet and I brought extras...I gave it to her(: now we´re twinners! 

Burritos - yumm

Anyway not a whole lot happened this week. We are working so hard and are contacting like crazy but we aren´t seeing a lot of success, but it´ll come. We are working with a lot of part member families right now. The mom and dad and one daughter are baptized but one daughter isn´t, we are working with her and she came to church it was a miracle because we couldn´t visit her this week because her family was sick and her mom said no every time, but she came to church!!! We have a cita with them tomorrow and we are going to try to put a fecha! But they are going out of town on Friday for like a week and a half! Ah Pucha! Oh well. She´s still gold! 

I love the area really, it´s super nice! Thank you everyone for your love support and prayers, they are needed and much appreciated! 

Hermana Barker


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