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Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Interesting Week

It´s finally starting to cool down in Argentina! We have been wearing sweaters and cardigans ALL WEEK! It´s been so great! It´s actually getting really cold at night...haha 

Anyway, Sofía is going to get baptized this Saturday. She is super excited! I am stoked! She has been progressing really well. Her and her older sister (who is already a member) are reading the Book of Mormon every night and praying together, they are so dang cute. 

This week was interesting just like every other week in Argentina. Yesterday for lunch with a member...we ate chicken stomach soup............not the best food I´ve had here but it was interesting.  

This week we didn´t find very many new investigators but we did a LOT of walking and contacting. Anyway, yesterday we were on our way home from our last appointment and we were kind of sad because we didn´t find anyone yesterday and almost all of our appointments fell through which is a total bummer, BUT we were walking through the plaza and so much happened. 2 of our investigators were there and we got to talk to them a little which was super nice because these two are ALWAYS super busy. A recent convert was in the Plaza too and he came up to us and started asking us lots of questions so we got to teach him too. It was like the most productive 20 minutes of my whole mission. 

Then we were just about to cross the street and someone taps on my shoulder (they are really lucky they didn´t get hit, I´m always a little on edge in the streets especially when there are LOTS of people) anyway it was three 15-year old girls. And they wanted to know where we were from and what we were doing in Argentina...haha *perfect* So we told them and they all accepted a pamphlet and we have appointments with all of them on Thursday! BOOM! Three nuevos! We talked to them about the Church and how it can help them in their lives and they loved it...but we had to get going so we said goodbye and everything and started walking and like five blocks later I hear 3 people screaming...haha they were chasing us down because they wanted to take a picture with us and they were all holding up the pamphlets in the picture. It was super cute.

I love being a missionary, I´m so happy to be here in Argentina and I´m loving every second of it. Thank you for all your love prayers and support. 

Hermana Barker


Last p-day we made Tacos...Ther were amazing! 

On tuesday after our district meetings we went to SUBWAY for lunch. Yupp - SUBWAY! 

Church is a little different in Argentina...haha this was part of our lesson in Relief Society.

A member wanted to know how tall I was but she couldn´t reach above my head to mark she had to stand on a chair... haha OH AND IT´S FINALLY SWEATER WEATHER! 

It´s official...I´m a GIANT...

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