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Monday, March 9, 2015


Transfer news! I am still in Punta Alta but I have a new companion. Hermana Greene! She is from Arizona and has 1 transfer more than I do in the mission! 

This past week has been crazy! I don´t have a ton of time, but I have to tell you all about our activity! 

Okay so Friday we had a ward mission activity! So many people came and helped out! We tried to recreate Lehi´s dream. It was so cool. They went in groups of 4 and were blindfolded and we had a rope that went from the kitchen then outside then they reentered and went up stairs and they weaved their way through the classrooms and when the made it back down the stairs they could take their blindfolds off and enter the chapel. So the rope represented the iron rod, the gospel. And we had like 6 people who were like the holy ghost, they helped them and encouraged them to keep their hand on the rope and follow, but we also had like 6 people that were tempting them to leave the rope, Satan. And if they left the rope they had to sit in a chair until one of the good people found them and helped them back. After everyone finished Elder Bowen gave a talk about the plan of salvation and how important it is that we stay strong in the gospel! It was so powerful tons of people were crying and everyone loved it! 

Then after we ate lots of pizza! 

Then Saturday we got our transfer news. My companion, Hermana Marple is going to the area that Hermana Boyce was in before she was my companion!

Yesterday in church our Bishop called three ward missionaries and our ward mission leader bore his testimony. IT WAS AWESOME! (it was fast Sunday because last Sunday we had stake conference). 

I love it here in Punta Alta it´s been really HOT the past few days but it cooled down a lot today because it rained last night.

Anyway all is well here. 

Thank you for all your love support and prayers, they are felt and appreciated! 

Hermana Barker


Here are all the people that came to the activity. 10 left before we ate so it was even a bigger turn out! 

There are two wards in Punta Alta! This is all of us. Hermana Marple. Me. Hermana Foster (utah) Hermana Silvestre (Spain) Elder Meza (honduras) Elder Diaz (paraguay) Elder Rodriguez and Elder Bowen! 

Atl├íntida Misioneros! Elder Bowen (Hooper Utah) Elder Rodriguez (Jujuy Argentina) 
ME! Hermana Marple (California)

The elders passed by our house on Saturday (I don´t remember why) and they were making fun of us because we all had funny tan lines on our feet so...we took a picture...hahaha

A family in our ward just got a new puppy! SOOO CUTE!!! 

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