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Monday, March 16, 2015

I am Speechless!

Okay...I´m going to start with the most exciting part of my week...

Our oven broke again...and on Wednesday, three NEWBIES came to Punta Alta...Both companionships of Elders are training and the other companionship of Hermanas is training right now...Anyway they asked us to make a cake. Broken we went to the church to use the oven they have there. (I´ve never used it before because everyone says it´s SUPER hard to use...) oh well. All the ovens here are gas...just so you know.

Anyway we went and we were trying to light it and we could get a little flame but it wouldn´t stay when we let go of the we called someone in the ward to ask them how to light it...after trying for like 15 minutes. So we tried again this time I was pushing in the nob and my companion was trying to light it...hahaha. Let´s just say we lit a lot more than the oven on fire...There was a ton of gas in the kitchen...BEFORE EVERYONE FREAKS OUT, I´m fine. My companion is fine…but anyway...hahaha a fire like exploded out of the oven it was so scary...but our clothes and nothing in the room was on fire (I really have NO IDEA how...) But the oven was on... I was a little in shock because we were literally inside a HUGE flame…then I started to relax and I went to run my hands through my was burnt... thank heavens I had my hair in a braid and only a few parts down...but it was burnt...then I went to the bathroom....and to my hair my eyebrows...everything, SINGED. But NOT only my hair…my companions too!

Anyway…we´re fine, we have a little less hair than we would like. But we got to eat a yummy cake. The day was kind of ruined because we needed to get our hair cut...but all the pictures I sent are AFTER the fire. We still look like normal human beings. My bottom eyelashes got the worst of it…so I´m not wearing mascara on them but after the hair cut we looked completely normal. 

Yupp the inevitable hair cut.... :(
 Toda vía estoy muy triste que necesitaba cortar mi pelo... (anyway I am very sad I needed to cut my hair) 

However scary of a situation it was I know that the Lord was watching over us. I say I don´t know how more things weren´t burnt or on fire but the truth is, I do know. My Heavenly Father loves me and he is always protecting me. Sometimes we need to sacrifice small things (like hair) to feel how powerful his love is, pero yo sé que paso por un razón y él estaba (but I know we went through this for a reason he was) protecting us. 

Anyway this week we found A FAMILY! They all know English too. It´s super weird we teach them in a mix of Spanglish and Casteyankee (they all call Americans Yankees - and we speak Castellano here not Spanish...haha) 

They are amazing. We have only seen them twice, once in a contact and the other was an appointment but we got to know them so well. We taught them the restoration and they were super interested. I can´t believe there is so much work to be done. I love this time I have to do the Lords work. I can feel his love for them and me every time we talk about this AMAZING gospel. 

Sofia is great, as always, we had a couple complications with her fecha so we pushed it back to March 28th, but she is still as excited as ever to get baptized. I´m really hoping that her parents are going to come to her baptism. This family is going to be sealed for time and all eternity one day. 

Ahh, I am running out of time, but I just want everyone reading this blog to know that I love you. That God loves you. And that no matter where you are in your life he wants to and can help you. Pray to him. I know he will listen. 

I love this gospel more and more each day that I am here. My Castellano is coming along REALLY well; I can understand and communicate with ALMOST everyone (drunk people are impossible to understand anyway, right?) 

Yo sé que Jesucristo vive. Yo sé que nuestro padre celestial nos ama! For those that do not speak Castellano, (I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us!)


Hermana Barker


Umm...a member killed an Armadillo in their backyard and took it to the meat shop to take out all the organs and we have a lunch appointment with them on the 28th....and
we´re going to eat it... AHHHH 

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